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2 July 2004

Press Release

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7 Jan 2005

Sunshine Coast Weekender

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7 Jan 2005

Sunshine Coast Daily

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2 July 2004

Hastings Gazette

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2 July 2004

Canberra Times

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2 July 2004


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2 July 2004

The Border Mail

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Here's what audiences and organisers are saying about the gigs...

"What and amazing performance. I just loved it! Thank you!
- Emily Johnston
This was the first entrepreneurial show for me since I took over as manager of Coff's Harbour Jetty Memorial theatre. Nothing could have been better for me or the audience. I  am humbled by such talent and graciousness. I t has been a pleasure to have you with us and to meet you.
- Jennie Bullen
Lovely night. Amazing sounds! Thank you
- Jannelle G
Thank you so much!! Incredible music and dancing. I'm feeling so alive after that!
- Jacqxon
Jali has the most wonderful soul spirit. One can't help but feel the energy come from his heart. Thank you for such a human experience where we all feel the special touch of live music from the soul. Love and more Love
- Skot
Magnificent! A rare opportunity for Australians to experience the sound scapes of Gambia.
I will be dancing around the kitchen. Love and good luck. I have the CD
- Susan
What an amazing instrument. Beautiful dancing,  beautiful playing and singing.
What an amazing experience! So glad to have seen and heard this great musician!
Absolutely wonderful!
- BobNiy
Absolutely mind-blowing!! The first song of the second set was lulling me into bliss.Thank you for sharing such a beautiful part of your culture.
- Wongawilli Jan. 21 2005
Astounding musicianship!
- Clive
Mervielleux! Encore!
Sometimes in life we're lucky to experience a nigh lik this. Thank-you for putting the music  back in my soul and the smile back on my face.
Rhythmic, melodic - beautiful - a breath of Africa in Wauchope - great music and dancing. Thank you so much.
Brothers and Sista
thanx for the love and music
- Gareth
Terrific - what and amazing sound - best wishes for you here in the "land of Oz."
- Lance
The evening has been a wonderful experience. The music has such energy and the performance with such humility and joy was a treasure to be part of. God bless you in all your travels.
- Paula Herron
I have been playing violin for most of my life and after your performance I felt so inspired to create music as wonderful and danceable as yours! Thank you fabulous trio! Hope you come back in the future!
- Tessa Beyer
That was great. i love the dance moves and the music/song. Thank you for a great time. - - - - Susie Day
Great dancing! It was awesome. Your music rocks!
Great! Bloody Great!
What an amazing experience for the folk of Jindera to be treated to a workshop and performance by a master musician. Jali Buba plays with amazing dexterity of his whole body and sings with soulful passion. Thank you for making such a joyful event.
- Karen Roben, Murray Arts project manager
The richness and power of this music was only equalled by the stunning delivery of this performance and the remarkable proficiency of this instrumentalist and vocalist.
- Jack Jensen, Sound technician
Not only did everybody have a great time and learn somehting about a different culture, but the concert was a success in both financial terms and in raising the profile of the Billabong Arts Council. We feel very lucky to have put on this concert.
- Steve Lewis, Chair, Billabong Arts Council
Absolutely fantastic. Keep smiling
- Wendy Chitton BAC
What to say? Just Fabulous! Ditto Karen Roben's comments.We are so fortunate that you could include Wangaratta 20/02/05.
- Marg Brickhill, President Wangaratta Arts Council
Thank you so much. Jerejeff, jerejeff! abarakah! Jarama!
It was absolutey fabulous! A trip down memory lane! I love the Kora and and you were terrific! It is so wonderful to welcome Gambians to Australia! Good Luck!
- Rina Sacca

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