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Jali Buba Kuyateh live in The Gambia

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This CD was recorded with one microphone in a tiny room in a compound in Bakau, The Gambia. All the attack on the kora and resonance of Jali Buba’s voice is reflected in this recording, which we have tried to keep as authentic as possible. It will sound just like you are sitting in that room with him playing to you.

We first met Jali Buba in January 2004 in Bakau, The Gambia. We had heard about him but were not ready for what we were about to witness. Nearly every night for two months we were entertained and literally captivated by his virtuosity and passion. It was clear that this was someone special. It didn't matter whether he played for fifty people or two, the performance was just as mesmerising and magical. There are great singers and great kora players in Senegambia. Jali Buba Kuyateh is one of a rare breed that is both.

Jali Buba Kuyateh was born in Sanyang, The Gambia and has lived alternately in Senegal and The Gambia. He was born into the famous Kuyateh family from Medina Wandifa, which is in Casamance in the south of Senegal.

The kora is a 21 or 22 stringed instrument from the Mandinkan culture of West Africa. It is played by hereditary musicians called Jalis. They are the oral historians who pass down their culture through their music and are present at every important ceremony. Jali Buba
Kuyateh represents the very best of the Mandinkan tradition.

1. Baadiya 2:57
2. Fondingkeh lu 4:37
3. Tabarra 5:09
4. Naadiyata Mokomina 6:18
5. Allah Lakeh 8:29
6. Mirimanying 5:08
7. Mandjou 11:13
8. Miniambah 4:28
9. Jaliah 10:35

The CD is available for purchase through this web site. Send us an email with your details and we'll arrange payment and delivery. Available soon will be an online payment system. The CD will also be available at any of Jali Buba's gigs. Check out Jali's tour dates for gig details:

More information about the unique sounds of West Africa and the instruments used can be found here.

For a listing of Jali Buba's forthcoming 2004-2005 Australian Tour, including Festivals, Gigs, Workshops & Other events click here

Recorded in live in The Gambia
Mixed by Harry Williamson, Spring Studios, Australia
Photography and Artwork by Migawa Design, Australia

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