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School Performances

Jali Buba Kuyateh is a gifted musician who captivates his audience irrespective of age. Jali would be an asset to any schools Arts program, providing students with a unique musical performance which also allows an insight into Mandinkan musical traditions.

The kora is a 21 or 22 stringed instrument from the Mandinkan culture of West Africa. It is played by hereditary musicians called Jalis. They are oral historians who pass down their culture through their music.

Jali is accompanied by his dancer / percussionist Bintou Kandeh.

CSF Outcomes
• Distinguish features of music that locate it in a particular time, place or culture.
     • Analyse the characteristics and role of music in cultural and historical contexts.
     • Identify and describe key features of performing arts works from own and other        cultures.

     $4.50 per person
     Minimum $400
     Includes performance and music history session.

For bookings contact
     Kate Bellchambers 0417146503

Email Jali Buba Kuyateh at

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