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Rarely do you see such a complete musician as Jali Buba Kuyateh. Born in The Gambia but resides between Casamance in the southern region of Senegal, and Bakau in
The Gambia. Jali Buba comes from a griot (hereditary musician) family, where he has   played kora since the age of ten. Jali comes from the famous Kuyateh family of Medina Wandifa. All his brothers play kora, sing and dance. His father, Dembel Kuyateh and
his mother Fenda Galissa, were well known throughout Senegambia. His older brother, Lamin Kuyateh, is the premier kora player with the Senegalese National Ballet.

A master of traditional kora tunes, Jali Buba has applied his kora to the Afro Manding styles, soukous of Mali and Guinee Conakry, the mbalax made so popular by Youssou N'dour, reggae, salsa, jazz and the blues.

Jali Buba has played with Groupe Sop Xadim in Dakar, Baaba Maal's second group Dandelenyool with Baaba Maal's younger brother Ahmed Maal, Groupe Dia in Dakar, Groupe Buntaloo in Dakar, the famous Fisco Band and Foriyaa in The Gambia. He
also plays with the Roots Kunta Kinteh Band and 5 Star Band in The Gambia.

Jali Buba Kuyateh has the ability to captivate an audience on his own or with a band.
He sings like Youssou N'dour and plays kora like Toumani Diabate. He's a brilliant entertainer and to watch him play as he gets lost in his music is a delight to behold.
He not only plays and sings, but he dances while he plays. He has many fans right throughout Senegal and Gambia and he is recognised and greeted everywhere he
goes by people in the street. He's Senegambia's best kept secret!

Click here for a list of Festivals, Gig's, Workshops and other events that Jali Buba will performed in during his 2004-2005 Australian Tour.

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