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Jali Buba Kuyateh Tumarankee

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Tumarankee is Jali Buba's first collaboration with musicians Karamba Cissoko and Nigel MacLean. It is a work in progress that blends Jali Buba's Manding style with Nigel's jazz fusion influence driven by Karamba's rhythmical drum patterns. For a sample of the CD, click on the track names listed below. (You will need flashplayer to hear the samples).


The CD will soon be available for purchase through this web site. Send us an email with your details and we'll arrange payment and delivery. Please ask for the CD at any of Jali Buba's gigs.

For a listing of Jali Buba's performances, including festivals, gigs, workshops & other events click here

Recorded and mixed by Film Harmonix Music Productions, Castlemaine Vic.

More information about the unique sounds of West Africa and the instruments used can be found here.

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